• Biofeedback

  • Is a non-invasive, relaxing, and powerful tool to better understand what is happening in the body via frequencies the body is sending.  A highly intelligent system is in place to capture the signals of the body/mind/emotions and be deciphered.  This helps in decreasing guessing games as to what the body is experiencing and better help and support it on it’s path to getting well.  With meaningful information  we can design how to approach what’s best for each person and help support you through all health concerns. The EPFX scans over 15,000 organs and systems, relays your condition back,  to then,  be deciphered.  Proper protocols have been designed by MD’s and are in place for a multitude of health issues. Ranging from all digestive issues, auto immune, lymes, and  Life Coaching is part of this series to provide a full holistic supportive healing experience.

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