• Emergence Care

  • Emergence Care with Jyl and Terese

    Emergence Care is a profound healing practice that operates from both the inside out and the outside in.  Enriched with  honoring the body’s innate wisdom Emergence Care does not manipulate, touch, move or set out to change anything.  Rather, it supports, “the what is right now” and allows the space for what needs to happen on an unconscious level to happen.   The space is love.  Love is always there, never ending, a never ending supply, and is always ready to be invited.  Every body (meaning us) has an energy field that radiates out of us by 3 feet or so.  It’s those subtle body energy fields that hold large amounts of information.  We, as humans, are constantly receiving and transmitting frequencies.  Frequencies of emotions.  They reside in the energy field which is controlled by the mind.  The mind is where all the healing takes place.  And who better to heal the mind, than the Creator, the Constructor Himself.  God.  Who is love.  Who knows better than the One who wired us to help us get better?  The Creator Himself.   A fully licensed practitioner (which Jyl & Terese are)  will hold what is called Presence.  Presence is the here and now with no attachment or thought to anything or anybody.  Yes, they can do this and it takes years of practice and education….especially application.  It is in this moment of Presence that love comes through; referred to as the “Holy Instant”.  The mind, the energy fields, and the body begin to shift on profound levels.  It is here that healing will take place.
    For more more information about Emergence Care please go to:  http://emergencecare.com/