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    A healing art in itself.  Massage helps to ease and release “stuck” areas in the body that hold pain and discomfort while the movement of massage creates a wellness pathway in which to heal.   The  best of oils, which are uniquely blended for you by Jyl (Master Aromatherapist), according to your specific health needs, which will provide you an all over healing session.  Both the movement of massage, which has been used for thousands of years and the combining of essential oils that are perfect for you, makes this truly a healing experience.   Many styles of massage are offered depending on the clients needs.  Jyl has an extensive background that has been accumulating for a span of 35 years.  Before every session she talks with each client to understand what you’re experiencing and then  utilizes her intuition, another powerful healing tool she’s had and was encouraged to use since childhood, to better help you, the client.  Step into a world of magical healing via the gifts of massage.

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